frequently asked questions

  • Where are you located?

The studio is located on Maginhawa st., Quezon City. We can be searched through Waze and Google Maps, with pin address: Siningtinta Tattoo. We do not accommodate walk-in tattoo sessions; please reach us through proper channels.

  • How much are your tattoo services?


Tattoos rate differently among artists. The main considerations for pricing tattoos are: design intricacy, placement difficulty, tattoo size, inking duration and the artist's specialization and skills, among others. The minimum rate for a tattoo is at 800php, on top of session expenses at rate 250php/client (50php/client for piercing sessions).

Common misconception: While artists initially base on sizes for their general rates system, smaller tattoos do not necessarily rate lower than larger tattoos.

  • ​Do you do white tattoos?​​​

As of the moment, we do not do white tattoos as they are relatively more difficult to do than other colors.


When doing whiteworks, needles need to go through the skin numerous times before the ink color shows; by this time, there will be heavy bleeding over the tattoo area. It would also, most probably heal into a scar. White tattoos require from the artist a certain standard of specialized inking skills.

  • Do you do colorworks?

While we are open to doing some colorworks, it is best to consult the artist beforehand in consideration of her specialization and skills.

  • Do you do cover-ups?

Doing cover-up tattoos require a certain level of inking expertise which only the artist can gauge. It is best to consult the artist directly on cover-up projects.

  • How do you operate under the new normal?

You can read through our operations in the time of COVID-19 here.

  • How do I book?

You can read through our appointment types and book through here :-) We require a reservation fee of 500php for tattoo sessions or 200php for piercing sessions to be paid within 72hrs upon receipt of confirmation details, otherwise, your appointment will be cancelled.​

  • How do I ask for a design to be customized?

You can send us the details of the design project here; after which, the artist will be reaching out to you via instagram to initially discuss on the design and payment details. The drafting phase of the design project commences only after payment confirmation. Drafting takes about 2 weeks, unless otherwise stated. A few minimal but clearly described revisions are allowed.

Design commissions rate separately from actual inking. The rates range from 500php-1000php, depending on design difficulty or intricacy, the conceptualizing/brainstorming process, translation and artist's design specialization, among others. 


  • Should I book before commissioning a design or vice versa?

You could commission a tattoo design before planning for a session. You could also book for a session prior to sending a commission request provided that the booked session be at least 3 weeks from date of request. This is to ensure that the design or draft be ready by date of session.

  • Do you do patch tests for possible allergic reactions?

We do not do patch tests for allergic reactions which are usually caused by the metal contents of the inks used. In Siningtinta, all our professional artist inks (Dynamic - Triple Black, Eternal and Fusion for colored inks) are US-original, top-grade and regulated for safety. For hypersensitive skin, colored tattoos, especially those which use red inks, are discouraged.

  • Can I still donate blood after getting inked?

According to Philippine Red Cross, a person can donate blood a year after his/her last tattooing or inking procedure. ​

  • I got/am getting vaccinated. To which date should I book an appointment?

It will be best to book a session at least 2 weeks before your 1st vaccine dose or at least 2 weeks after your 2nd dose.​