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women artists


Siningtinta's mamma 🌱 and regular artist

Ally Campollo

Currently a student and a part-time tattooist, your female artist has been making her way through the industry with her delicate lines and details, a skin at a time.

Allex Molina

Allex's Iska Piercings is a product of careful curation, safe procedures, and practice that involved apprenticeship, guesting and commercial work.

Bianca Duran

Licensed interior designer and graphic design artist, Bianca has previously worked for US-based tattoo shops, illustrating intricate flora and fauna subjects. Her digital renders will finally be taking shape in actual inking.

Camille Pilar

Camille, of team Clean Beach, is a local surfer and writer based in La Union. Simply but beautifully put, she rides words and reads waves.

Celine Tabinga

From Celine's playful imaginations and her fascination for “abubots”, Mini Kartel, a home to playfully absurd and funky handmade clay pieces, is brought to life. 

Joannie Candi

A professional calligraphist and painter, Joannie has been doing watercolor paintings for 16 years, working with less representational style, but constantly finds expression through the medium.


Chemical engineer to tattoo artist, Kishan does magical tattoos with inclinations towards themes of techno-nature, universal spirituality and divine femininity.

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malaya, mapagpalaya

Our safe space is built upon the vision to break beyond the structures that pre-define art and tattooing. At the core of Siningtinta is the active partaking of art or 'sining' in the reformation of society through its craft, and thus, making it accessible to the art community that shape it: artists, enthusiasts and the wider public. In empowering women in the industry and in the bigger art scene, it starts to collaborate with women tattooists, artists and writers. A safe space, after all, is one that do not only provide comfort and security; it should aim to disturb and dismantle the structures that bring about the discomfort, more importantly, the discrimination. Siningtinta constantly manifests this vision in its art process.


Starting out as a single-artist passion project mainly operating in a small apartment room studio, through its first year, Siningtinta grew from a portable tupperware tattoo set to having its very first tattoo studio in Maginhawa (QC, Philippines), being able to establish a small network within its community to which it gives back to, and hosting tattoo gigs and collaborative projects with various artists.


ig: @siningtinta