Body Conditioning

Prepare your body in anticipation of the body modification procedure. Take a good rest and have a good meal. Pain is amplified when the body is under stressful conditions. When getting piercings, it will be best to fast for 30 mins prior to your appointment.


Wear loose clothing. Take into consideration the comfort and exposure of the tattoo area. Also neatly clip or tie your hair when getting piercings or tattoos around the hair area.

Alcohol or Drug Intake

Do not drink alcohol and coffee, smoke or intake drug medications at least 24 hours prior to inking to avoid excessive bleeding. When under recent antibiotic medication, the last intake be at least a week before session.

Preparing the Skin Area

Shave off hair over the skin area beforehand, if needed. Avoid sunburn-causing activities or circumstances before and after session.

Skin Ointments/Lotion

Do not apply lotion or ointments over the skin area to be inked; they alter the skin surface's properties, affecting needle penetration. Skin must be left dry and untreated for at least a day before session.

Skin Conditions

Let the artist know about possible skin conditions that may affect inking. For cases outside our limited knowledge, it will be best to consult with a dermatologist.