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Camila Sunn

Sunn, also known as Pusangkalat, has been making art for as long as she can remember. "It's always been innate to bring comfort with the lines I illustrate and draw on paper. On a personal sense - and with my art, I like incorporating myself with stray cats because they resonate with me being all over the place and coming as I am. I never knew how far I could go with my passion until I saw how the fruits of my craft took care of me and kept me alive."

Since 2016, Sunn has been taking up creative roles, diving into both traditional and digital pieces with art. Each artistic process explores human emotion and translates it into something visual. She often mixes elements and techniques from different mediums--paintings, film photography, graphic design, and mixed media art--to create something new.

Camila is mostly known for her intricate line art- where she encapsulates feelings, memories, songs, or photographs sent in by those who want her illustrations inked on their skin. 

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tattoo designs by Camila Sunn