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Bianca Duran

Bianca is a Marikina-based licensed Interior Designer who currently works mainly in the graphic design industry, with illustrations as her forte. Since 2016, she has collaborated with various brands and individuals, local and international.


She also has worked with San Francisco-based tattoo artists since 2018  as a tattoo design artist - specializing in flora and fauna illustrations rendered in intricate linework. Now, she is ready to take her intricate digital designs and create art with her own hands.

Bianca is currently undergoing tattooing mentorship and is currently practicing inking with co-artist guidance. We are currently looking for clients open to doing practice sessions!

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*These designs are repeatable for inking exclusively by Bianca.

Washed Out

flash designs from the La Union Seaside Sessions

*These designs are repeatable for inking exclusively by Bianca.


sketches and digital renders by Bianca

Practice Sessions

designed and inked by Bianca

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