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Ally Campollo

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Growing up, Ally was an all-around hobbyist; she danced, drew and painted, but it wasn't in her immediate plans to pursue a professional career in the arts. She once believed in the broke artist stereotype as one coming from a rather traditional household. 

Against all odds and despite not being able to develop her art skills in high school, she still went to art school. While schooling, she ventured into tattooing and piercing, and was able to do it regularly in the recent months. She instantly fell in love with the skin art and was able to break through her previous conceptions on tattooing. As of the moment, she inks mainly in her home-based studio in Las Piñas.

She is currently a student and a part-time tattooist and piercer, but your woman artist has been making her way through the industry with her delicate lines and details, a skin at a time.

Fun fact: Ally isn't allowed to have tattoos. Maybe in the future though :-)

Maginhawa Summer Fest 2024
May 5, 2024 | Maginhawa st., Sikatuna Village, Quezon City

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Coastal Collections

flash designs from the La Union Seaside Sessions

Al Campo Tattoo

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