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Body art is an intimate process, from the conceptualizing to the actualization; it is connecting with yourself, with your artist and the bigger forces that shape the craft. You should be able to explore your thoughts, ideas, and motivations. As it is a commitment to the process, you should also be able to research on tattoos, piercings, preparations and aftercare, the craft as a form of skin modification, placements and even your artists. It is important that you find your artistic preferences comfortable with your artists' art style, the techniques employed, the process of his/her work, and that you are open to the further development of your ideas in acknowledging that inking and piercing are collaborative works. In recognizing such process, we encourage you to consult with your artist beforehand.

know your tattoo

We categorize tattoos according to different considerations such as size, difficulty, inking time and placement among others. As sessions will be scheduled according to these specifications, it is important to know which type of appointents you can book your tattoos.

With these, prior to setting an appointment, you should have also finalized the necessary details for booking your tattoo/s; these include, but are not limited to, size, placement, design style, preferred dates and time, etc.

know your piercing


Getting piercings would mean braving and committing to a body modification procedure. Prior to setting an appointment, you should be able to identify which piercings to get and familiarize yourself with the considerations and risks associated with the specific procedures and how they come to terms with your personal preferences. 

In consideration of special circumstances such as pain tolerance, incompatibility or a suggested better option for piercing/s according to ear anatomy, your artist will also be able to assist you prior to or during session.


A minimal tattoos is a blackwork piece or a simple colorwork that may be a letter/character, a text, a lineart, a one-liner or a simple illustration which may have minimal shading. It is sized at around 1x2,1x3, 2x2, 3x2, 3x3 or slightly larger. A minimal design would take an hour or less in inking.

Appointment types

multiple minimals

A session for multiple minimals is limited to 3 simple texts or/and minimal tattoos sized at around 1x1.

non - minimals

Non-minimals are intricate lineworks and detailed blackwork designs. They are usually sized at around 3x3 or slightly larger. Some smaller designs with intricate detailing and some intricate colorworks may be considered as non-minimals.

A session for a non-minimal tattoo may accommodate a few additional minimals.

large pieces

Large pieces are intricate and detailed blackwork shoulder cuffs, sternum or thigh wraps and similar tattoos. The length is at around 5 inches or longer and the piece usually covers a relatively larger skin area. In consideration of the longer inking time for larger pieces, we limit the days we open for these sessions.

A session for large pieces may accommodate additional minimals.


sleeve types

Sleeve types are tattoos at larger sizes and with more intricate detailing. They may be thigh-wrapping pieces, sleeves, half-sleeves and similar tattoos that take a at least a day's schedule. In consideration of the longer inking time for sleeve types, we limit the days we open for these sessions and may open only upon client request.

A session for sleeve types may accommodate additional minimals.

ear/body piercings

Anatomical compatibility for some types of piercings varies from a person to another.

An initial piercing session is inclusive of standard jewelries for smooth healing. Jewelry replacement is subject to availability of jewelry. A session may accommodate 1-2 clients.

Rates may be viewed here.

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