We compiled a few snippets for your FAQ: How do you operate under ‘the new normal’? 

Updated: July 23, 2021

In reopening the studio under the new normal, we had to gradually adapt to new practices and systems to keep our studio safe for our small team and our clients. We have since adopted necessary practices, restructured, renovated and imposed stricter sanitation and disinfection standards in prioritizing everyone's health and safety.


Our studio regulars, main artist Eloise and secretaries Iris and Meccah are fully vaccinated. We also encourage everyone to get fully vaccinated prior to booking with us.

The studio was recently renovated to allow for social distancing and better ventilation with the widened space. The floors and walls are decontaminated on a regular basis and direct contact surfaces are disinfected every after client use. The space is also treated with anti-microbial fog as needed. The common toilet facility is closed and only clients are allowed inside the space (except for special cases) to minimize in-studio movement and prevent potential cross-contamination.

All inking equipment are religiously disinfected with alcohol and sterilized. Direct-contact objects such as needles, tips, gloves, ink cups, etc are single-use, sterile and disposed of immediately (as they have always been, pre-pandemic).

Clients booked by appointment are screened with temperature checks when entering the premises and booking details serve as contact-tracing profiles. COVID protocols are reiterated through pre-booking posts, booking confirmation details and pre-session reminder texts. Besides wearing face masks and face shields, we also do not allow footwear inside the studio to lessen entry of potential contaminants.