Our Local Artists

Siningtinta has been a safe space to our small network of friends and clients. In further actualizing our vision for the art scene, we have been collaborating with local women tattooists, artists, artisans and writers. 

Ally Campollo

Currently a student and a part-time tattooist, your female artist has been making her way through the industry with her delicate lines and details, a skin at a time.



Siningtinta's mamma 🌱 and regular artist


Allex Molina

Allex's Iska Piercings is a product of careful curation, safe procedures, and practice that involved apprenticeship, guesting and commercial work.

Joannie Candi

A professional calligraphist and painter, Joannie has been doing watercolor paintings for 16 years, working with less representational style, but constantly finds expression through the medium.

Camille Pilar

Camille, of team Clean Beach, is a local surfer and writer based in La Union. Simply but beautifully put, she rides words and reads waves.

Celine Tabinga

From Celine's playful imaginations and her fascination for “abubots”, Mini Kartel, a home to playfully absurd and funky handmade clay pieces, is brought to life.