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These mini pots are perfect for your baby indoor plants and succulents. These are water proof and has a drainage hole to allow excess water to seep out.

Buwan at Bituwin Pot

  • All products are 100% handcrafted so please expect slight differences for every item. Most of them will have human errors like scruffs, paint marks, and even tiny speckles of dust but we'd like to say it's part of their charm. We use air dry clay for all pieces sealed with waterproof varnish and top them off with resin for that extra protection and luster. Air dry clay is light weight but they're very durable too! Just be careful not to drop them just like you would with any ceramic item.

    We ensure that each product we send out is properly packed and secured so that they will be able to get to you in perfect condition. If in any case the product is broken or damaged during travel, Mini Kartel and Siningtinta will no longer be liable to refund the buyer.

  • 1. Get a free matching 1-2" tattoo when you purchase a Buwan at Bituin Pot from the Mini Kartel collection by Celine through the website.

    2. The free tattoo is redeemable in a single-client Multiple Minimals session (two minimal tattoos + the free tattoo) or a Non-minimal session (non-minimal piece + the free tattoo) with Eloise.

    3. This promotion cannot be combined with other offers or promotions.

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